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How to Create the Best Company Culture

What it’s like to work for your company is defined by your employees’ opinion on your company culture. Company culture is one of the most important things when candidates are considering a job offer, so you need to make sure the culture at your company is on par with others in your industry and sector.

Is the morale high in your working environment? Company culture can determine how hard your employees work. Do employees socialise with each other, communicate well? Do you interact with your colleagues, on a daily basis and how is your management style? Does your company offer team outings? After work drinks on a Friday and Christmas parties?

The better the company culture is, the more high calibre candidates you will attract and the higher your staff retention will be. Companies should aspire to have working conditions similar to yours! A good approach to assessing your company culture is to ask your employees. Send around an anonymous questionnaire where your employees can give you constructive and honest feedback about what it’s like to work for you and your company. This will allow you to evaluate any changes you need or should make and how to improve upon your company culture if need be.

Remember, happy employees make better employees. You want your employees to WANT to come to work each day. There’s no better way to have productive staff!

Zappos is a leader in company culture and it has been a key element to the company’s great success! See how here.

Here are a few tips to improving your company culture:

Communicate – Communication is key. Make sure your employees have a voice and that they are heard! Make sure the way you communicate with your employees has a positive effect. If you are abrupt or offensive, this won’t make for a great company culture.
Collaborate – Make sure your company values are shared with your employees. Work together to make a pleasant environment. Teamwork is essential but your employees should also be allowed the opportunity to develop their own skills and creativity.
Involve – Involve employees in decisions. You could allow your employees to plan or suggest ideas for your Christmas parties, or weekly social events? You should also give your employees the opportunity to voice their opinion on key decisions that affect them!

What is the culture like within your company?

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